Cardinals News · For Athletics–Register My Athlete must be completed!!

If your child/children plan to participate in athletics at Benton High School, this is for you to read!

We will be implementing a new way to turn in sports physicals for the school year with an online database called Register My Athlete. If your child participated in a Spring 2019 sport, you have already started this by creating an account at  All you need to do is sign into your account and update some questions, signatures, and the annual paperwork for Sports Physicals under the school requirements section.

If you are new to registering your child, please follow these instructions:

How do I register my athlete for a sport?

1. Please use either google chrome or firefox as browsers whether you are on a computer, phone, ipad, etc.

2. Go to and click Login in the upper right hand corner

3. Enter your email in the username section and your password in the password section and click login. Click on the Parent button.

4. You may need to agree to terms and be asked if you would like a quick tour of the new design of the site.

5. Under What Would You Like To Do?  Click Start/Complete Registrations.

6. Click Start New Registration

7. Click on the red bar that says “Select School”—- search for Benton High School

8. Click on the red bar that says “Select Athlete”—-type in your child’s name

9. Follow the red bar prompts to complete the registration.

10. To upload a physical, if needed, you can take a picture of the pages with your phone and login with your phone (using the free Google Chrome or Firefox apps) and upload easily that way. Otherwise, please scan all pages and combine into one file in order to upload. Please contact your school for help uploading, as they can upload your documents for you if needed.

Can parents register for all sports at once?

As long as the school has opted to use that setting, a parent can select as many sports to register for at once, and as long as they complete all of those registrations at that time, they will have signed up for everything and be done registering.



If you run into any problems, please contact me at